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Working on Sunday??

I’ve been doing it all my life- First as a cathedral chorister,

Then watchkeeping navigating officer on various ships,

And now as a lecturer at Plymouth University, waiting for somebody to come and clear with me?

Whatever next?



Did you know?

“Spanish emergency services picked up 470 immigrants travelling in dozens of rafts across the Strait of Gibraltar on Tuesday August 12th 2014, and 227 from the same stretch of water the day before, a spokesman for the Maritime Safety Agency said.

More than 75,000 have tried to cross the Mediterranean from North Africa, landing in Italy, Greece, Spain and Malta, the UNHCR agency says, with about 800 people dying in the attempt.

About 10,500 children, two-thirds of them unaccompanied or separated from their families, were included in those numbers, as people flee violence in Africa and the Middle East, often using unseaworthy vessels and with the help of smugglers.

On Tuesday, some 49 boats carrying mostly men, but also 68 women and 15 under-18s, made the journey from North Africa to the south of Spain, Spanish authorities said. It was not clear whether the boats were in difficulty when they were stopped.” (Marine Executive 13/8/14)

I just wonder why this isn’t on the new channels???